Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5 Poems


Everyday, billions
Imitate a roach teabagging
Pursuers that
Sign their names
Eating brains


Viewer, just east
Thaws will open
Pointless distinctions, and yes
There is a dress code
Going to get us
Milky underneath

Or unknown causes
To a fine looking movie, to
A nightstick, to the
Bomber by
The black-suited
Debit card receipt

And I may rummage around 
Behind your tail, my partly frozen
Scrunching dark spotted jurors
Almost covering the pecked out


People look tasty
When a photo of one
Is visible
From the nebula
Bursting biblical fashion

Many years away
Mesmerizing optical hollow
Raises I cakes


Ten days after Christ's Presidents Day
I leave you torture porn, and it
May be the earliest photo of the universe

In worm-terms, O dead actress sacker, that's
Not saying much
Possibly, my good dick at the end of the bed
Perhaps, I'll torture the ambassador, the dragon, the
In between that pillowcase
A year from now
Predatory hair-gel

We are up against the unlit
We can board planes with
Five to six pills per void, worldly
Swirling like a banshee's tenor 

And I slip into the plants
As a raw scanner breather
And on
An island-chain an odd sing-a-long
Shares the great suffering

Not many of us are heads


I've come to love
Bone loss, the
Four-digit codes
Implanted into other gunmen on the loose

I thought once
No one hears

I can't see anything
No one hears

No one hears
I can't see anything
And for that 
A tiny block of cheese
Both touches and inspires

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